lunes, noviembre 27, 2006

Nothing, Rien

It was an atypical silence and honestly, I couldn’t stand it. I waited for hours, hoping that something would change, but everything was still the same: I was staring at a not-moving man.

It was as if, suddenly, some kind of shock hit him without notice. I thought about that because he looked like he had been talking to someone who just left him there, with unspeakable words on his mouth, silent words.

After setting some Pros and Cons, you know me, I’m a non-stop analyst, I decided to come closer, giving careful steps and trying not to think what another human being would think if they saw the scene: a not moving man in the middle of the square and a 50 year-old woman and touristy-look approaching him.

Finally, I was standing face to face with my (yes, he’s mine, I saw him first) Statue Man. I waved my hands, I clapped them to see if he winked his eyes. Nothing happened. I finally decided to put an end to this charade and stepped on his foot with everything I got. Same answer. I gave up. I turned my back on him and walked away from there. It was late and I decided I wanted to go to the wax museum (ironic, huh?). A few minutes later, I looked back but he wasn’t there anymore. Maybe we’ll meet again.. or not. Nothing, Rien.

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Anónimo dijo...

There is a lot of people that are just there, but not to be disturbed, not even to interact with someone. They are just THERE. And that's is their purpose in life. They remind us to continue living. Life is too short to spend it just sitting some place.Love. Rosa Fontes.